Friday, April 25, 2008

Updated "Sustainability or Apocalypse" Presentation

I had a chance to present an updated version of my Sustainability or Apocalypse talk at the SUNY New Paltz campus to a group of about 30 people Thursday evening. The presentation was followed by an enthusiastic audience comment period. The copy of the new updated and expanded charts is available on the link in the right hand column. The basic premise of the presentation is:

  1. The rate of technological and social change this century will be even greater than in the past century, and many of our current social structures are not set up to deal with this.

  2. We will also be facing a “perfect storm” of problems in the next few decades, both nationally and as a global society

  3. These will be the some of the most important decades in the history of humankind, with some very big long term effects from the choices we make

  4. We could usher in a era of sustainability or major turmoil. The outcome is not predetermined, but will depend on preparations we make to handle moments of opportunity and the vision we promote about what is possible and desirable.

Take a look and feel free to post your comments below. I am very interested in any feedback on how to improve this presenation.

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